Fire & Smoke Damper Maintenance

Clean360 has comprehensive experience in cleaning and general maintenance of both Fire & Smoke Damper.

Fire & Smoke Damper is a safety moveable closure mechanism located in an HVAC ventilation ducting system. The system can be operated both automatically or manually in the event of a fire in the system. The closure or shot off of the damper will prevent the spread of fire from the starter location. 

It is a mandatory requirement to ensure Fire or Smoke Dampers is inspected, cleaned, tested and maintained annually to demonstrate correct function and condition in line with Fire Safety Order Regulation 2005.

All our Fire & Smoke Damper work is performed in accordance with BS 9999:2017. This standard specified that all fire dampers should be drop tested, cleaned and maintained at least once a year.

All our operative has gone through industry competence training (TR19 Standard) and is fully qualified to carry out any work in relation to Fire & Smoke Damper inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. 

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